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Business cooperation

        石潭驴友网[] is a information portal of business tourism, which is affiliated to Shi’tan Donkey House. Its network information covers six elements of tourism: food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment; and its business scope consists of hotels, catering, vacation, outdoors, business, tickets and other aspects. We collect the above information in one site, providing comprehensive & personalized services for tourists.
       Back grounded in conventional group tour, independent travel, car travel, leisure and outdoor sports, it is a professional tourism platform which integrates tourism information collection, publishing, planning and organization of outdoor activities.
       Its current products are mainly divided into the following aspects:

      First, group tours. We provide 1-day trip or multi-day trip in the area of Huangshan City.

      Second, hotel reservations. We can select strictly hotels and then book for tourist groups according to your requirements.

      Third, group tickets for scenic spots. Thanks to partnership with many scenic spots in the past years, we can provide group tickets at for tourists at well belowed market prices.

      Fourth, Shi’tan tour. Whether hot summer or cold winter, we always can prepare for your settle down, which let you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the quiet countryside.

      Fifth, Shi’tan rural specialties. We can provide Shi’tan pecans, Gong’ju (chrysanthemum), camellia and other authentic Shi’tan specialties.

      石潭驴友网[] sincerely seek more partners to build a more comprehensive information platform for regional tourism, and better serve the public!

Map Guide of Shitan

Hot Route of Shitan

Viewing coles in Shi’tan, taking ship along the-mile gallery
Viewing coles in Shi’tan, taking ship along the-mile gallery in Shen’du photo safaris

D1:  a.m. Visit the ancient Ming and Qing architectural promenade. Eat lunch in Shen’du port and drift 3 hours in the mile-gallery. Drive towards Shi’tan at dusk to enjoy sunset.                 Accommodate in Shi’tan.
D2:  Walk around Shi’tan. The landscape will give you a memorable visual feast.

Shitan News

Drifting in the-mile landscape, tasting loquat

    Loqut Festival during May.30 to June.15 is always the most welcomed product we ever provide. The route includes Shi’tan and Shen’du. You will take a boat to drift across 10-mile scenic gallery. And don’t forget the core element, yes, the loquat, delicious and yummy!
    Order in advance if interested!